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Achieve Bigger Dreams With Better Credit

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Cost of Credit

Understand the cost of credit and what that means to your bank account. Make the most of your money.

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Personalized Approach

Trifigo helps you to minimize your expenses and interest payments with a custom-tailored plan.

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Financial Growth

Improving your financial behaviors will ultimately keep more of your hard-earned money.

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Get the Credit You Deserve!

You didn't go to College to live paycheck to paycheck We'll help you change that.

  • Understand Your Finances
  • Create Personalized Roadmaps
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Track Your Progress
Understand Your FinancesCreate Personalized RoadmapsBehavioral FinanceTrack Your Progress

Understand what your credit score is and how it's calculated through accessible knowledge that any consumer can relate to and easily understand.

Understand how your money mentality and overall mindset affect your financial decision making. We provide the tools and resources to help improve your financial decision making.

Better plan your finances for things like concerts, vacations, cars, homes and even retirement by setting goals within the Trifigo platform.

Easily manage your credit journey with Trifigo's illustrative tools and user- friendly dashboards.

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Take the credit Challenge, see where you stack up, as a credit boss.